Mobile applications iOS, Android

We offer development of native mobile applications for iOS / Android.

What is the procedure?

  • detailed specification, signing a contract
  • prototype applications (design, function)
  • incorporation of the client’s comments and suggestions
  • application beta testing
  • App Store / Google Play publishing

You can check out one of the mobile apps case study below . Some other projects and mobile apps developed by our team can be found in the Blog section.

Mobile App for an Electricity Supplier – case study

command 10 000 people
calendar 12 months
plug 12% reduction in power consumption

In northern Europe, one of the major electricity suppliers decided to solve two problems. Customers did not know about the other activities of the company and the perception of their brand was rather neutral, i.e. negative rather than positive. They realised that there was a difference between a neutrally perceived supplier and a favourite one. The company decided to give its customers a tool to reduce their electricity consumption and furthermore, it would also help reduce the impact of the electricity production on the environment. In this case, the revenues of a company might fall for a short period of time, but from the long-term perspective because of the growing number of customers the revenues would eventually increase.

On the basis of these facts, the company provided a group of 10.000 people a mobile app which enabled them to monitor their electricity consumption in real time. The most important about it was the visualization of the electricity consumption and the money spent. To make the whole thing even more interesting, they have incorporated a competition into the app. Neighbouring customers or acquaintances could compete in who saves more and were rewarded for being successful. The result of this project was that the customers saved some money for their electricity bills and they were more satisfied. The attitude of the existing customers towards the company has changed radically and the number of new customers has increased. It was a win-win situation and both of the sides were satisfied.